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Old 11-27-2011
examtaker's Avatar
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Stop I quit

After thinking a lot about it...i have decided to not continue with the steps further!
As my score was on the lower end ..205/85
So i see no point continuing ...cause i dont know if i would still be able to manage a good score in step 2 ...or what if i fail cs...
Even if i dont still my step 1 score is bad!!
Eventually going ahead will make me lose a yr or 2 again with no assurance..
So i ve decided to start preparing for my home country exams

Again i do not wish to demoralize anyone...i think i dont have what it takes for USMLE :-(
All the best to every1 on this forum..u guys really helped :-)
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Old 11-27-2011
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I know ur result was a chance event u were very good throughout your journey and i am sure with step 1 experience you will only improve ur step2 score.
Now regarding Your decission based on step score where do you wanted to land yourself if in Top notch university program then yes its very tough but if you were not aiming dat high ur journey will be easy. I dont know about this year but i know people who have already matched with low step scores last year , so to be simple and straight my question to you is if you think you can get into any of the top notch programs in your country and very early then yes go for them , but if its still tuff there too then why not give a try u wont be wasting your 2 years.you will again have to start from the scratch for your home country exams and here for USMLE you have already done the toughest part. With some good USCE and research submission you can easily make it to ur dream.

Start searching for programs which fit ur criteria, if you see people not receiving interviews then may be they thought their score to be higher and applied to only top progrms.

Also see this 15,000 New Residency Positions by 2017

Any ways decision is yours dont want to loose a good friend in this journey. My exam is soon and just spared time,hoping u continue ur dreams.

All d best
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drhnis (11-27-2011)
Old 11-27-2011
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sallam examtaker, i know that your score is not so good as compared to other ppl.
i am from pakistan and i think you must be from india, and we both know its not gonna be very hard for you get a job in any hospital. we both know it.
you will be making enough money to support yourself and your family easily and you can have an easy life ahead.
you said you are quitting and I will encourage you not to quit.
I am saying it just because think about it this way, you are more than half way done in your journey and if u quit now and keep living here in india.
one day your gonna become a specialist and you are going to have kids and when you will tell the story of your life and your journey to your kids, they will ask you why didn't u complete your journey?
and you will only say cuz you felt that you wont make it. and then they will ask you how can u say that without even taking that road? you have not yet finished that road. you must finish it. thats what i would do. i would keeping fighting till i can.
plus look at it this way too. u have cleared step 1, u are in the flow, clear ur step 2 and cs and be called as MD and MBBS!
as you said its your dream to go to USA and do IM.
DO IT!!!
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Old 11-28-2011
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Dude having a low score in step 1 is one thing. But quitting is another.

Some people are just not as good at basic sciences as they are in CK.

Give CK. Try your best. If things work out, then fine. If not, you have your whole life to try for your home country pg.

At-least you will have the satisfaction that you tried. Quitting is for losers. You ain't one of them.

Good Luck.
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Old 11-28-2011
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Lsn man,

I don't mean to sound harsh but there are people that would KILL to have an 85 percent. I feel that you are over dramatizing the situation seeing that you did do THAT BAD on the exam. I personally know at least 8 practicing doctors that recently got matched with scores below 200. One of them is even doing anesthesia. You still have Step 2 and Step 3 and that is a lot to show residency programs what you are made of. You are not the first nor the last do get a "low score" (which again is not that low unless you want to do derm) so stop beating yourself over nothing, be thankful you passed above 200, and bust your ass on Step 2 and 3. You are still in great shape. Don't be so hard on yourself. If it makes you feel better I know a doctor in Detroit who failed step 1 three times, and failed ck twice, and now is doing pediatrics. I am sure some people would probably think the guy must have crazy connections but if you take the time to think of it...even if you cousin is Obama, connections with those grades can only take you so far. He kept working hard and SHINNED during rotations. You basically have two options. You can quit (which is completely pointless) or you can pick yourself up, brush yourself off (even though there really is not much dust on you), and look forward to clinicals and the future steps to come.
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nativedoc2 (11-28-2011)
Old 11-28-2011
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I think the same as everybody here, you are overthinking this. 205 is not that great, but still is a score. Just focus on what you have,,, We are not a quitter, we are Doctors... so push urself and go ahead... =)

Eventually you will see that u choose the right way,, if you quit now, im almost sure you will regret this in the future... =)

I got a few friends who got nice position with 200-207 score..

Btw, this post will help you out a little bit
Got my score! 246/99
Nothing is Impossible, the Word Itself says "I'm Possible"
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Old 11-28-2011
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you have bad score,,but to compensate bad score there is step 2ck good score,,STEP 3,,,and Research , , ,
if you do research and step 3,i m dead sure you are certainly gonna matched , ,

there are other options like Qatar after doing steps,,,
and i believe step is just not an exam,but it also gives you knowledge that i have never gotten from the Best medical school of Pakistan , ,so you can continue for the sake of knowledge as well , ,
Take care
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umeraulakh (11-28-2011)
Old 11-28-2011
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Arrow Do not quit!

Hey examtaker,

Just a short note you should consider reading -

I FAILED my step 1 in my first attempt about 2 months back. It was very demoralizing and I went through hell! I still haven't been able to get myself back up properly. I thought of quitting medicine and changing my career. But I am not the first one to fail and certainly not the last. Your score is PASSING! Remember this - we are here to become doctors not test takers. I would love to have your score and have passed in the first attempt. I know what kinda **** I went through and having passed your step is a BIG achievement!

Seriously, put aside your step 1 score and go ahead and prepare for your Step 2. I have decided to rewrite my step 1 after great consideration because it takes a lot of money and I am not sure what the future holds for me. This journey is EXPENSIVE and VERY TIME CONSUMING. But, its an opportunity and one that you should not just quit because you PASSED your exam with a low score. What matters more here is that you PASSED!

Just focus on your step 2 and move on. Look at it this way - just two - three more exams and you will be a "certified physician" in the United States. Even if you dont get matched right away you can always try next year. Just try to improve your experience, resume, and letters of reference. (that is my plan, to get an MD and then hopefully i get residency - if not then ill keep trying while working on improving my experience!)

GOOD LUCK and I HOPE you do not quit!
We are all in this together! come on, don't be a quitter u pansy lol
May god be with you in this journey!

Good luck
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Old 11-28-2011
USMLE Forums Addict
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If medicine is truly the path for you, don't quit. 85% is not that bad of a score.
Besides, it's not only the scores that matter.

It's difficult to pass the exam itself and you have successfully not just done that but also received an 85%. A lot of people would kill to be in your place right now. Don't be so hard on yourself.
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Old 11-28-2011
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Default Not failing is actually a sign

For all of us in this path is hard, full of ups and downs, specially because a lot of us in our own enviroment we feel alone.
But thanks God we have this forum where we can support each other...

We all feel the same way...and maybe watching your friends picking residency in your home country seems more logical and with not that much sacrifice...

I found this surfing I hope it helps...

Is some motivation giving to AMG...yes it is stresful for Americans too!

Don't give up...with out trying!

Believe in God and trust Him with all your heart!
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Old 02-28-2015
girlfridaymd's Avatar
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I hope you still consider not quitting! Some of us are still about to start and I think you did pretty good in your first score. Some of us would kill for an 85. Some of us just dream about it. I failed my first but now I am trying to get as much push and courage as I can to give it a go again even after 6 years from graduation. If it's still in your mind, it is worth taking the risk. Again and again.
Best of luck!
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Old 02-28-2015
USMLE Forums Scout
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you may consider getting an ECFMG certificate even if you decide not to do residency in US, it will be useful to do a fellowship later
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Kwineli (04-10-2015)



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