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LTaverasM 09-09-2013 07:06 AM

NBME 4 question
I just took nbme form 4 yesterday and I am tryifng to correct the answers, I found I list of answers and short explanations, but , for some reason the number of the answer doesn't match with the corresponding question or does not make sense.
For example: Block 1, q4 "42 yo woman comes to the physician with progressive SOB during the past 6 months....." answer choices are:
b. CHF
c. Intertitial pneumonia
d. Recurrent pulm. embolism
e. restrictive lung disease

The list of answers that I found says that answer to Q#4 Block 1 is "A" (Post estreptococcal glomerulonephritis).... doesn't make any sense...
Do the NBME change the order on which they present the questions?....I am really confused and FRUSTRATED cuz I failed this NBME and I dont even know why my questions are wrong.
I will really apreciate any response.
Thanks! :(::toosad:

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