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Old 10-04-2012
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Wink Errata MTB step 3

Does anyone know where is the official errata for MTB step 3.

Thank you
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Old 10-10-2012
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All the below information is found online!!

Supplment the below corrections with the actual book and you're set for the step 3...

pg 126 - first line treatment for osteoarthritis is Tylenol (acetaminophen) not NSAIDs - remember OA is not a true inflammatory condition - thus can be treated with Tylenol. The side effect profile of NSAIDs is much worse and shouldn't be used when not needed.

pg 147 - not an egregious error, but more a point of contention - under diagnostic testing - a decreased haptoglobin level is definitely found in intravascular hemolysis - but is variable and maybe normal in extravascular - what i read about this was kinda conflicting, but just something to keep in mind.

pg 149 - in the red text when referrring to the treatment of sickle cell: Hydroxyurea is indicated in any patient with greater than or equal to 3 crises a year

(i might be wrong on this one - i'm pretty sure I am - seen some places say 50, some say 55, some say 45+, some even say 40+) pg 172: The very bottom on the answer explanation - You should do an upper endoscopy on any patient over 40

(see above) pg 173: On Peptic Ulcer disease - last sentence - you should scope any patient over 40, not 45

pg 197 - Ursodeoxycholic acid is not used in the treatment of PSC - From Epocrates: "Although UDCA typically improves liver tests... a positive effect of UDCA on PSC has been difficult to demonstrate... more recent evidence suggests that high-dose UDCA may fail to show an improvement in survival. Of further relevance, this trial was terminated early because of concern over adverse effects (more patients in the treated group reached one of the pre-established clinical end points: hepatic decompensation, cholangiocarcinoma, liver transplantation, or death). [45] Therefore, UDCA at any dose cannot currently be recommended for the treatment of PSC"
--- instead treatment should be Cholestryamine for pruritis and Liver transplant as definitive therapy

pg 209 - Ca channel blockers are considered first line in the preventative therapy of cluster headaches

pg. 254 - "Lumpectomy with radiation treatment of the site at the breast is equal to modified radical mastectomy in tumors up to 4 cm." - if greater than or equal to 4 cm, you need to perform radical mastectomy

pg 256: At the table on the top for the 3rd colum with "Three family members, etc." the bottom of the column should ready: "Colonscopy at age 25, then every 1-2 years"

pg 298 - Under managment of acute cholecystitis - #2 should read "These are followed by EARLY cholecystectomy (after 24-48 hours)" --- this has been shown to be best management strategy.

pg. 315 - The treatment for Acute epididymitis for males < 35 should have Ceftriaxone as the drug listed not cipro (and doxycycline is also spelled wrong).
pg. 5 midway down, typo: should read "interferon" not "interreron"

pg. 380 - in the blue box - in the Diagnostic significance column - it has Trisomy 21 listed 2 times. The second trisomy 21 should be Trisomy 18 (Edwards syndrome) --- while you're at it, add in that Inhibin A is increased for T21 and decreased in T18

pg. 382 - the 2nd bullet point at the top - the sugar values are backwards: it should be 180 mg/dL at 1 hour and 140 mg/dL at 3 hours (the 2 hour value is correct)

page 390, the answer should be triple therapy. The most effective at reducing transmission is triple therapy. One drug can not be better than 3 drugs at reducing transmission particularly when there is an increasing prevalence of Zidovudine resistant HIV.
hand grip increases afterload, which leads to decrease of HOCM and MVP.
pg 209 - Ca channel blockers are considered first line in the preventative therapy of cluster headaches
page 246-247....the table seems right, but in the text, proximal rta is actually type 2, not type 1, while distal RTA is actually type 1, not type 2 as they have listed. this could really mix someone up.
" HOCM murmur decreases while MVP murmur INCREASES with Handgrip"
Hey guys..I caught two very big mistakes in Master the Boards..Both in the Obgyn section..I love the book, but its kind of scary because these mistakes are not small..Please also post if you find any further mistakes:

1. pg. 444 - Gynecology - Go to the middle of the page where it says Diagnosis. It says "The results are reported as a T-score: A T-score > -2.5 indicates osteoporosis"
CORRECTION: A T score < -2.5 indicates osteoporosis

2. pg. 382 - Obstetrics

Top of the page where it talks about confirmatory tests for diabetes in pregnancy, go to the second bullet point it says: " Abnormal plasma glucose measurements are >140 at 1hr., >155 at 2 hrs, and > 180 at 3 hours
CORRECTION: these should be flipped. The correct sequence for diagnosis is: abnormal plasma glucose measurements are >180 at 1 hr., >155 at 2 hr., and >140 at 3 hours
Yes, on page #380, also mistaks Trisomy21-->18.
Pages # 246 and # 247 in nephrology section of the MTB book two mistakes
Its should be Type II RTA instead of Type I
and on the next page # 247 it should be Type I RTA instead of Type II
I think they just switched the headings on these two pages.
Still a good book except some minor errors here and there.
on page 184 (GI section), it's written that Gardner's syndrome does not require any additional screenings and on the table at the bottom of the page, it is grouped with other syndromes that require no extra screening recommendations. However, Gardner's and FAP have the same genetic mutation and are now grouped together. Even if they weren't grouped together, the fact that ~100% of Gardner's colonic polyps eventually lead colorectal cancer and that it is AD inherited should indicate screening should be done at an early age.
page 339
Galactosemia in neonate is also contraindication to breastfeeding
It says that Mitral valve prolapse with even regurgitaion does not need endocarditis Prophylaxis but I have been able to verify with a few medical references including Harrison-the recent update- and Washington manual that MR with regurgitation needs prophylaxis.

the author boldly claims that there is no prophylatic therapy for cluster headache with some rather unconvincing logic, but I have read from several respectful sources that beta blockade or Calcium channel blockade must be given for prophylatic RX for cluster HA.

I also found this misleading information about ASCUS in Pap smear results. It says that if pap results in ASUC, the patient need HPV testing, But it does not mention the important fact that if the patient is a high risk group, ASUCS must mandate immediate Colposcopy biopsy.
for colonoscopy screening, it says if you have HNPCC begin screening at age 25, then every 1-2 years. However, go to the next chapter, and it will give you a table that says you should screen at age 25, then every 10 years. Well, which is it? (I believe it's every 1-2 years)

Another example: When talking about renal tubular acidosis, it refers to Type I as "proximal" and type II as "distal." However, the chart on the SAME PAGE lists Type I as "distal" and type II as "proximal." (Type I is distal)

A third example: It says any head trauma with loss of consciousness should lead to head CT. Fine. But right afterwards is a box with the following: "Loss of consciousness [does not equal] CT scan." I thought you just said you SHOULD get a CT with LOC?!?!?!
Page 94, Pheochromocytoma, treatment.

1. Phenoxybenzamine (alpha blockade) first to control blood pressure.

Without alpha blockade, patients' blood pressure can significantly drop intra-operatively.

(I guess the function of alpha blockers is to lower BP)

Page 144-145, Question regarding Anemia of Chronic Disease.

Q - A patient comes with end stage renal disease..........hematocrit of 28 with an MCV of 68......What do u expect to find?
A - The correct answer is C.
Use of alpha blockers before beta blockers

Beta-adrenergic blockade should then be used for treatment of -adrenergic symptoms such as

flushing, pounding heart, or tachycardia. It is important to institute alpha blockade first, because

blocking vasodilating 2 receptors without also blocking vasoconstricting 1 receptors can lead to

hypertensive crisis if serum norepinephrine levels are high.

Acute Epididymitis- you DON'T treat with cipro and ceftriaxone, you treat with doxy and ceftriaxone because you are treating Chlamydia and N.gonnorhea...
usmleworld also that cipro has no role in the treatment of acute epididymitis.
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