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Originally Posted by Yes/No View Post
If I were you, I wouldn't rush to sit for my STEP 1. Trust me, having some clinical experience is really important when dealing with MCQs. It's all so clinically oriented and you can score A LOT better with some actual, tangible experience in real life medicine. I am in a 6-year program as well and sat for the exam in the beginning of fifth year, ended up with an awesome score and got a ton of electives.

My advice is to work really hard to understand the material you are taught in med school, invest in a year of quality clinical practice and then focus for your step. That way you will be done with the whole thing in 3-4 months and hopefully score great.

Best of luck!
Hi, I'm currently in the 2nd year of a 6-year program. We have 3 didactic/preclinical years followed by 3 clinical years.

I've looked at some of the USMLE books (like FA) and I've realized that my school's preclinical curriculum isn't as clinically oriented. For example, in anatomy we mostly just learn about the structures/relative positions, etc. and we only learn very little about the diseases that could occur (very little clinical relevant information).

I'm wondering if your school is also like that and if you also experienced the same problem trying to adjust to the US curriculum. I'm also thinking that maybe I'll take step 1 right after my 1st clinical year so I'll at least have some clinical exposure while hopefully not having forgotten too much of the basic sciences. Do you think it's a good strategy?

Finally, how long did you spend studying for step 1? What advice would you give to me, should I start reading extra stuff for step 1 now? Thank you so much!!
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