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Default Thank you for your post

Originally Posted by totma001 View Post
USMLE World: about 95% through, subject based, timed high 60's average

NBME 7: 290 --> 193 for CK correlation (before studying)
NBME 6: 310 --> 198 for CK correlation (3 weeks prior to exam)
NBME 4: 300 --> 196 for CK correlation (10 days prior to exam)

Free 150: 79% (2 days prior to exam)

Step 2CK Score: 237

***For some dumb reason, I could not pass a stupid NBME to save my life, but I did great on the real deal - my advice, don't take any NBMEs they are only discouraging. Take the free 150 and if you score above a 70%, go ahead with the exam. At least that is what worked for me.
Just want to say thank you for your post! I had so much anxiety leading up to my exam which I took last week. (Just waiting now). I'm just curious if you took a UWSA and if it was predictive of your amazing score?
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