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Default USMLE tutor, coach and medical artist

I know how difficult it is to study for the USMLE or similar board exams. One thing very few people can help you with, is anxiety and the moments of doubt, boredom, procrastination and sometimes even depression. Only people who have taken these exams or studied for them can understand how much pressure it can be on one's body and mind.

I still remember my excitement when I first arrived in Chicago on my own to start my path to a US residency. My excitement was quickly turned into an overwhelming apprehension once I realized the vast amount of information required to achieve a high score. I quickly learned to organize my time and created a comprehensive study and lifestyle program for myself that helped me achieve my goals. I have achieved high scores in Step 1 and Step 2CK ( 251 and 250 ) and have recently matched into a competitive ophthalmology residency program.

I am passionate about teaching and enjoy motivating students. I frequently helped out my medical school classmates to understand complex material such as biochemistry and physiology. I was always able to use my artistic skills to break down the complexity into simple information that is easily comprehensible. All my students have benefited greatly from my comprehensive approach.

I believe I can assist you in multiple subjects and help guide you through the process of organizing your time to yield the highest scores. I can coach you through your anxiety, strategize to decrease your stress levels and be your helping hand anytime you need that extra boost from a friend who understands. I can start with single sessions to discuss strategy and timelines.

Please PM me if you are interested and check out my website:
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