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Kidney Calculating renal reabsorption!

A 35-year-old man with a history of recurrent urinary tract infections comes to the physician because of pain during urination. He is diagnosed and treated for a urinary tract infection. Because of his history, further investigation is warranted. The following data are obtained from the patient:
Inulin clearance

100 mL/min
Plasma osmolarity
286 mOsm/L
Plasma sodium concentration
140 mEq/L
Urine flow
1.44 L / 24 hour
Urine osmolarity
205 mOsm/L
Urine sodium concentration

100 mEq/L

How much sodium does this patient reabsorb each day?

[A] 14 mEq
[B] 144 mEq
[C] 244 mEq
[D] 20,016 mEq
[E] 20,160 mEq
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