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Originally Posted by Sarabear View Post
First of all CONGRAAAATS!!! and most of all: many prayers to your mom and so sorry you have had such a rough time i do hope this is the beginning of a new turn for the better for you!

second of all: so glad to hear your story.. I'll be taking my CS in chicago in T-13h (omgomgomgomgomgogmogmgogmgom) and am pretty much freaking out. I'm so afraid of blanking and missing things, or completely fudging up... neuro cases are my downfall cus it seems i can never finish the neuro exam in time fml. I guess we'll see tomorrow. I think i'm pretty empathetic? I think i counsel ok.. my note is good (if i disregard my crappy ddx and workup)... just hope I pass. Anyways, very happy for you!
Thanks so much. Remember,most of the cases you've already seen before and it's basically the same dx and studies. So try not to freak out and you'll do great.

Remember, I passed with all my screw ups lol. I don't need to say you can pass.

Good luck tomorrow!!!!
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