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Default My Step 2 story

Hello guys,

I've been stalking the this forum for the longest! I wanted to give some feed back about my Step 2 experience. I took 6.5 weeks to study for this exam (no interference from clerkship's).
The first day I did a "diagnostic day" where I did FRED and got a 104/141 which is a 74%. The next day I did a Kaplan diagnostic test and scored 65%. 4 weeks out I did CcSSA form 7 self-paced and looked up some answers i didn't know and I got a 450 (227 translated 3 digit). 3 weeks out I did a Full Kaplan assessment and scored 68%. 2 weeks out I did CCSSA form 4 timed, no help, and got a 280 (191 translated 3 digit). I was so devastated after that because I had studied (did tons of videos, and Uworld (average around 70~ went through 2x). Then 1 week out I did U world assessment and I did 4 additional random, timed uworld question blocks to simulate the real exam (u world only gives you 4 blocks). I scored a 214 on the UWSA and in the 70-80 in the timed u world blocks. I felt good but i wanted to take another CCSSA but was worried what a low score would do to my morale so I decided not to take it and did a final review (Step 2 secrets) the week of the exam and rapid review from Kaplan.
*The exam was hard* I had 330 items total. It was fully representative and similar to uworld but had some tough questions. The time went by smoothly. I took breaks after every 2 blocks.
After 3 long arduous weeks I finally got my score.....227! I passed!!!
Thank you all for the posts I really appreciated it!
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