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Originally Posted by Bruh'man View Post
Hey Sara, I'm sure you did well. I most likely felt way worse - you got this.

My CK story didn't go as planned. I took it 2 weeks after CS after getting 232 on the UWORLD assessment.
****ing got a 206 and failed by 3 points...

wtf? how does someone drop 30 ****ing points?!?!?

Bitch was hard though
Oh my gosh i'm so sorry that sucks!!! i couldn't imagine the pressure of taking CS and CK right after one another (i'm studying for CK right now and can hardly concentrate as the intruding afterthoughts of CS keep filling my head).
Please please please don't let this get you down -- you got a 232 on the UWSA! it means you know your stuff!! You've got a lot of fight in ya.
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