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Originally Posted by amaldameer View Post
Thanks a lot Fahman-78 and Rasheed
So practically all the steps results should be ready by August to start matching. Any idea how long is the matching application window before 2011 applications are closed?
Are you going to finish all the steps by June! or u will finish Step 1 only by June. Because you are saying all the steps.

As for the matching applications;
Theoretically speaking, matching application can be accepted up until the first week of February 2011.
Practically speaking, if you don't apply in September 2010 then your chances are very very low in getting a match.
Also, many programs they have a special dead line for the applications (they mention that in their website), such date can be last day of December or last day of November or even October.
If you don't apply in September (first few days of September), thousands of others have already applied and the programs already start shortlisting their interviews and you will lose your chance of matching.

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