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Default CSEvideos SUCKS....

It does not matter what videos you get. Go for whatever you want EXCEPT CSEvideos. They are thieves with license. I heard tons of complaints before I purchase from them but I didn't listen to my friends and now I regret it. 70% of their physical exams are wrong, they just COMPLETELY copy/paste the FA (yes 100% copy/paste, they did not even change the names,jobs,scenarios) and upload some crap online with NO customer service. Their phone number is busy no matter when you call, they intentionally make it busy, you can try , go ahead and dial this number now, 845-632-0592. I really even doubt that lady in these videos is a physician, she can't pronounce most of the medical terms and most of physical exams are wrong and makes you fail your CS. Put stethoscope on completely wrong places (listen to renal artery just mm close to Illiac of crest), don't change gloves after touching the SPs soles and immediately touches the SPs face (this will fail you in real exam) and so on. Thank god I passed, but they are making a horrible job and I just wanted to let you know. There are some other companies with cheaper and most reliable videos that I don't wanna advertise for them.Good luck
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