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Originally Posted by ethan_kien View Post
im a 5th year medical student from russia who is having summer end semester exam.
i try hard to squeeze my time for preparation for USMLE.
but it's really depressing since i have to archieve a balance between my sch academic performance and the progression towards USMLE.
everyday i try my best to study part of USMLE and prepare for my clinical year disciplines.but often i dont hv adequate time for reading up USMLE at the end of the day..
there's another 8 mths to go..while i just finished kaplan anatomy and biochem,immunology.
any idea or advises about how to make a efficient schedule?

thanks in advance..
I think giving usmle when ready is the best idea. Saying that you have plenty of time still left. Don't be depressed! Work out a realistic plan that meets your desired result and the time you have in hand. My first advise, stop being depressed and cheer up! It's just an exam and if you really want to do both of them together, go ahead and do it. I believe only way to be efficient in studying is having a clear mind. Don't over-think about all this. Read carefully, sincerely and well. No matter what we want, we still have only 24 hours in a day and we still need to sleep and eat right. Keep your academics up and keep going for USMLE untill you are certain that it's either possible to give both of them or it is turning out to be too risky. Once you are certain, go ahead with your instincts.

I really don't know how much I can advise you regarding how exactly you can make it efficient as you know the best which topics are tough and which are easy for you.

Cheer up and study happily!!

Good Luck!
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