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Originally Posted by midav1968 View Post
Free 150 2 months before exam -89%
UWorld qbank random timed 82% cumulative performance
UWSA the day before exam -256
2CK exam on April 2nd. Will post the result later on.
The exam seemed to me extremely tough, more difficult than UW and a way more difficult than any Canadian computer based MCC exam. Plenty of Step 1 type questions, maybe up to 10%. 1 ad covering 3 questions, and 5-6 hear listening questions.
I wonder if anyone can tell me if the exam is interactive? I mean does the difficulty of the following block depend on how well you were doing the previous one, the better you were the more difficult questions you will see in the next block and vice versa?
Thank you and good luck to all.
I'm not sure if it's interactive but I did feel that if I had an easy block, the next one is extremely hard. I was also doing quite bad on time which makes me nervous. I agree that the real exam seems extremely tough and there were lots of step 1 type questions. I just took my exam and totally freaked out now
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