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Originally Posted by mahdis2013 View Post
I did 4 months externship in sport medicine clinic, 1 month observership for internal medicine and I am going to do 2 months observership in neurology.
My first priority for residency match is internal medicine and I want to apply for neurology as backup plan. But the problem is that I just have one month of observership in IM. Can it have a bad effect on my application? I have my LORs and I don't need more. Do you think I need to find somewhere and do more IM observership instead of neurology during the months left to the residency applying time? Or the programs don't mind that I did observership in IM or neurology.

i have many senior friends who have done observerships and externships all over the states they have all recieved LOR's. if you need more details on where they did and what they paid and so on message me
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