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Default First Aid annotation ??

Hello, I'm new to the forums.

I want to start studying for step 1, but like, I'm totally confused.
I got FA 2015, and like reading through molecular biology, I recall taking all these stuff in my first year (going to third now).
However, I took a loooooot of extra stuff, not mentioned in FA. I just don't know what to take and what to withdraw.
Basically, all our lectures are big, and they got information collected from several references, so probably covering ALL sides of the topic. Should I revise all or just stick to FA?
P.S. I'm not a cram studying person, I'm rather very slow at studying so need the less time consuming method.
Exam in a year. But still, got little time cause I already have my semesters which give me very little free time.

Any kind of help is appreciated!
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