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Help NBME 5, 205. How much more time do I need?

I did my first NBME almost 5 weeks ago and I was too ashamed to say it then, but I got an equivalent of 165. It was NBME 12 and I failed it miserably.

During these 5 weeks, I went through DIT and of course FA along with it.
In addition, I was trying to finish off the remaining UW blocks I had (I couldn't go through more than 1-2 blocks per week!).

Well, after finishing my DIT, I decided to take NBME 5 (due to the advice of many people on the forum).
I got a 430, which is equivalent to a 205
That means i experienced a 40 point increase!

Whatever I did, it worked! So I decided that from here till my exam I will not touch anything other than (DIT+FA+UW), and everytime I finish one round I'll take an NBME.

So beginning tomorrow my strategy will be:

-For 1 week
Finishing off (finally) the remaining UW questions! Plus redoing questions of my weak areas.

-For 3 weeks
DIT + FA. Plus doing UW, second pass, marked/incorrect (almost 20 blocks, so i'll do a block a day).


-For 2 weeks:
Final review of FA and UW notes.


-1 week:
Quick scan and concentrating on my weak areas.


This schedule is 7 weeks (maybe too long?)
My target score is +230. How much more time do you guys think i'll need to reach my target score?
All of you guys have helped me alot during this month, so i would definitely appreciate your input and advice.

Thnx in advance!

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