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Default CK advice

This is my first post here, although I have followed along with others posts to give me an idea of how I am coming along. However, I can't seem to find any consistency it would seem.

7 wks. of study

Uworld completed - 68%
NBME 7 on 6/12 (2.5 wks. ago) - 233
UWSA on 6/24 (~1wk. ago) - 234
NBME 6 on 6/30 (today) - 248

I completed all of Uworld before I took the UWSA and I was devastated because everyone I had talked to and everything I had read was suggesting I would drop on the real deal by 0-5 pts. I am wanting EM so that was not an option considering Step 1 was 235 and I was wanting at least a 242 on CK. So, in a moment of panic I pushed my date back to the 27th of July (the next earliest time available). Now I am not sure if I should try an schedule this thing if a I can get a date asap because I start with a full-time research position on Mon.

What y'all think? 240+ possible on the real deal given the info?
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