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Default doctorF n Yallah

u havent taken the step 1 have u? when are u planning to take it?

n just to confirm again, u're not doing anatomy are u? ive left out micro n immuno since most people have said its useless, but im wondering if i should leave out anatomy. i mean it just seems a little trivial of a subject to spend a whole week watching it. my exam is in september n i plan to finish all studying 2 months before it so for 2 months i can only do FA memorizing n online Qbanks.

what do u think?

n to yallah:
did u find anatomy totally useful? also, did u find the physiology a bit lengthy? he seems to repeat himself too many times. i find myself fwding thru some places but its still pretty loooong. of course i know physiology is important n we MUST watch the videos. but didnt u find it lengthy?
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