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Originally Posted by cardiomyopathy View Post
Took my exam on June 17th and just got my result this morning!

All my NBME's ranged = 180-200 (over several months prior to exam day)

UWSA (5 days before exam day) = 219

Real Deal = 223 [Definitely not a 245+ but i'm just glad that i've passed!]

First time ever posting here. I just wanted to give back to the community and give my input regarding this exam, as others experiences here has given me hope on my darkest days of my prep! I am beyond relieved, I thought I had failed. Felt miserable coming out of the exam especially because I could not pass an NBME for the life of me! But trust your practice test scores! UWSA has become more predictive of your scores over the past year. I used MTB 2 for IM and MTB 3 for Non-IM topics and First aid CK. I found the first aid CK much more in depth and complete. UWORLD is KEY!

A few tips:
-MAKE SURE you are able to get to every question on the exam. (try to aim to finish all your uworld blocks in 45 minutes to help prep you with timing on exam day).
-Try your best to strategize (read last line first, labs, then skim read the entire question stem instead of starting from the first word in the question).
-BE CONFIDENT with your PREP and TRUST that what you have studied is going to appear on exam!
-Keep at it during your real exam, block after block, plow through those blocks, pace yourself, mark questions your unsure about and come back to it if you have time remaining after seeing every question as each question is weighed equally. Trust that your practice scores will be reproducible come results day!

Good luck everyone and Thank you for being a supportive group for the rest of us!
Hey my man, thats a good score. Congrats to you buddy. Its good to see that even though your nbme score werent looking the way you wanted them to. You still pushed on. Thats very admirable. On to the next one.

What was your UW avg btw?
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