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Originally Posted by docusmle9 View Post
i find goljan too vast and so much to remember,how to deal with patho? even after number of reads its hard for me to revise before the test....any advice please
I don't think its necessary to remember whole RR Goljan Pathology, or for that matter any of the prep books. What I felt about Goljan was that he really tries to clarify the concept which is the best thing. The way to build up on the concept is not to read it again and again but to practice it with applying it in questions, where UW comes in! Of course, there will always be lists and other things which are not meant for understanding but rather just to know. Noone can remember every thing from these lists. So don't bother about too much about how many times you are reading goljan and revising goljan before test. Keep concentrating on the topic and application in a question rather than the fact itself. This is just my way BTW. Hope it helps, good luck!
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