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Originally Posted by Tgdel87 View Post
I think NBMEs are predicts where we are at that moment. I don't think one needs to postpone the exam just to take an NBME before. You sound ready and you yourseelf feel you're ready, so why delay it just for a four hour practice test? You still have about 2 weeks left for June to start and I think you can do UWSA2 and ,if you want, 1 or 2 NBMEs too easily.
Good luck!

thanks!! really appreciate ur quick reply!

my schedule is jam packed till june..with fa and uworld basically! also..ive heard that the nbme questions r weird..and they make u feel like u dont know anything..really kill ur confidence. but still an accurate score predictor. i want to know..r the questions on the exam like uworld? im really hoping the answer is yes! also ive heard tht some nbme questions get that true? and if yes, how many?

im not looking for a score prediction. im worried abt nbme because i need to know if i shud practice those kind questions..and if i;ll see them in the real exam
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