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Originally Posted by 5hstar View Post

Also i had a quick question.... were biostats and epidemiology high yield on your step 1 exam??? should i just go over those once? and not break my head over it???

did you use any other source for behavioral science besides kaplan notes???

I don't remember how many biostats questions I got exactly, but I do remember that they were pretty easy and you don't have to "break you head" over it! If you have time you can go over them quickly as it wont take much time. For biostats and epidemiology I didn't use any other book except KLN. For the psych related part of Behavior Science I did read some BRS but only because it was so nicely explained and I was weak coming into the prep for step1 in this topic. I don't think it's absolutely necessary to read BRS as KLN os good enough for exam point of view, but if something draws your interest and there is time, reading it for your own personal fun wont hurt!
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