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Originally Posted by 5hstar View Post
yeah thanks for your advice...

actually i had kaplan qbank before...a long back.. but i couldn't finish it... i only did like 20 tests in it... then it expired.. as i had it with kaplan center prep course...

then i got the qbook..which i'm currently doing...

soo thts y i thought of trying usmle rx...

should i still get kaplan qbank even if i have the kaplan qbook?
As far as I know, Qbook and Qbank of Kaplan are different. But don't take my word for it and double check with someone who has taken Qbank and compared with Qbook.

I think you must have seen this link, but just in case you haven't it might be helpful to you...

Clearly the top 2 are UW and Kaplan. A person who has actually done usmle rx, would be the best one to tell you about how it is in comparison to other two. There were some comments on usmle rx towards the end of the thread about best Qbank for step 1.

I really can't tell you much more as I haven't personally seen neither Kaplan nor usmle rx Qbanks!
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