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Default step 1 application urgent help

hi..i am an img from india..i am currently doing my internship which will complete in april 2017. i have a few doubts regarding application process online

1.Year of graduation

as i am still a intern, i will be applying as as student right?..this will be when i complete my internship in april 2017 ?

2.Date of issue of diploma

i am not sure when it will be issued as my college is takes different time could be 2,3 or 4 months..what date should i enter here?

3.Forms-as a student,i will only have one form that is form 186 right?. will it be the only form i have to courier to the ecfmg office(after getting it signed by the dean of my college) ?

4.After i write my step 1 and become a graduate for step 2 , do i have to send a copy of my diploma to ecfmg along with other forms 345 etc for verification?..if yes do i do it immediately when i get my diploma or wait till i apply for step 2??

any help will be greatly appreciated please!!!
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