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Originally Posted by faisal2636 View Post
hi..i am an img from india..i am currently doing my internship which will complete in april 2017. i have a few doubts regarding application process online

1.Year of graduation

as i am still a intern, i will be applying as as student right?..this will be when i complete my internship in april 2017 ?

2.Date of issue of diploma

i am not sure when it will be issued as my college is takes different time could be 2,3 or 4 months..what date should i enter here?

3.Forms-as a student,i will only have one form that is form 186 right?. will it be the only form i have to courier to the ecfmg office(after getting it signed by the dean of my college) ?

4.After i write my step 1 and become a graduate for step 2 , do i have to send a copy of my diploma to ecfmg along with other forms 345 etc for verification?..if yes do i do it immediately when i get my diploma or wait till i apply for step 2??

any help will be greatly appreciated please!!!

For question 4, it depends on whether your medical school is listed under their directory or not. If yes I dont think you would need to send in your diploma as ECFMG will liaise with your medical school. To apply step 2 once you became a graduate, you do need to send in form 345 but not form 186 as they would already have a copy of form 186 in the record. Better to apply both exams separately because as time goes you will find it no time to cope with two exams within the same periodicity.

hope it helps.
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