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Originally Posted by Zaahmed View Post
thanks for your help. i also wanted to ask that when did you take nbme for step 2? after how many readings??? did you do it after uworld??? when is the best time to take nbme????
What I did was this...I gave only one NBME(4) for CK, took it 3-4 days before my exam. By that time I had done KLN twice and UW completely.
Now many people like to do it in the beginning to judge where they are and then start of with serious prep, many people like to keep taking NBMEs after every few weeks to know their progress, some don't do online NBME at all. Is there a best way? I don't think so, all of them are good. The difference is how much you can spend on NBMEs. If you can do many NBMEs, it's good for you as it will give you a feel of the exam and tell you where you are. If you can do only one, I would use it to judge where I am towards the end of my prep to know am I reaching my goals or not.

Good luck!
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