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Originally Posted by c0mebackkid View Post
Hello all. I'm an IMG. Not the brightest person in my year, had a difficult to swallow Step 1, but made a big comeback 10 months later on Step 2. I thought I'd shed some insight.

Long shifts at the hospital left me with little time. I sat my exam right at the end of 3rd year. I had no proper windows where I only focused on Step 2 due to the way rotations fell. Ultimately I studied 3-4 hours every night for 6-7 months then sat Step 2.


UWorld (and learned off the explanations in and out)

MTB 2CK & 3 (mainly for non-IM topics, but probably read through every topic in MTB 2CK at least once, this was really good for the 'next best step' questions)

I dabbled with Secrets but found that if you knew UWorld and the explanations really well it didn't really add much

I dabbled with FA 2CK, wasn't the greatest and I found UWorld to be far more worthy of your time because once again this didn't add much

Step 1: 222

UWorld 1st pass = 65%
UWorld 2nd pass = 87%
Q Max (did roughly 1000 Qs) = 71% (can't remember exactly but I do recall being roughly 10% above average, so my average might have been 81% if the average was 70%)

NBME form 3: 214 (10 weeks before test day)
NBME form 4: 250 (9 weeks before test day)
NBME form 6: 227 (8 weeks before test day)
UWSA: 250 (3 weeks before test day)
Kaplan Full Length 1: 71% (2 days before test day)

Step 2 CK: 258

Needless to say I'm overjoyed! If I can do so well than anybody can, I consider myself to be a very very average student.

Best advice use UWorld and learn off the explanations as well as you can. Read MTB 2CK +/- 3.

Best of luck with your preparation!

Congraats ,
my exam is in 2 weeks , my only resource is UW , do you recommend reading MTB ,CMS ?
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