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Originally Posted by sharayah View Post
Congraats ,
my exam is in 2 weeks , my only resource is UW , do you recommend reading MTB ,CMS ?
I recommend that you spend the week before your exam building endurance and stamina. Remember this is 8 hours of testing administers over 9 hours.

In my final week I did 4 hours of questions on Sunday, 4 hours on Tuesday, an 8 hour full length Kaplan simulation on Thursday and sat the real exam on Saturday.

More than anything that I revised in my final week I feel that building stamina is what helped me more than anything. In fact I think my final week 'cram'/revision session led to me getting 1 question correct on test day that I would have otherwise gotten wrong, 1 out of 300+ questions does not make or break the exam. Remember it's a marathon, not a sprint.
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