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Originally Posted by detonatordoc View Post
there are many img friendly uni programs chances are not bad...but if you want real good programs (and I am not talking of Harvard,UPenn which are always out of reach ,but programs like UTSW, UAB birmingham which take some imgs but those with real good research)... than it depends upon your US-LORs and research and contacts....

Here's my profile. Where do you advise me to apply?

IMG: Visa needed.
Step 1: 251; first attempt
CS: First Pass
CK: 263
Grades: Valedictorian, rank 1st/86
USCE: 2 month observerships at big university hospitals
Date of graduation: 2015. Currently second year resident in Internal Medicine back home.
EC: 2 published papers (3rd and 4th author). 2 oral presentations (1st spot young investigator award in regional meeting), 1 poster. Active member in students' committee, mutliple volunteerism experiences.
LORs: 4 of them (2 US LORs from big university hospital , 2: from home internal medicine program director and nephrology head of department)
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