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IMG with Step 1 score in 230s (1.5 years ago).

For CK:
  • Did half of uworld throughout rotations (2015) in prep for shelf exams. Always read the relevant section from MTB2 for each shelf a week before. Sometimes read snippets of uptodate articles for rotations, usually after getting pimped.
  • Started dedicated study time in February '16 with ongoing rotations; finished the other half of uworld over the month with 68% total. Took detailed notes into MTB2/3
  • From March-May I watched Kaplan videos and did relevant questions from Kaplan qbank; finished with 70%. I took notes from vids and questions into my MTB2/3 books. Did not read Kaplan LN though.
  • NBME at prometric in early June: 255. Then took ~6 weeks off for CS prep afterwards (big mistake).
  • July 20-August 18: read my highly marked up MTB2/3 once, listened to heart sounds on youtube, reviewed stats once (mistake).
  • Took the exam on Aug 19 with the Chicago airshow doing practice flybys overhead

RESULT: 248 The new exam was manageable imo and a lot like uworld. Questions weren't too long; I always finished each block on time, except for the one with the long abstract. Only advice I can give is find a good source (not Kaplan) to review stats, ethics and clerical procedures/standards that maximize patient safety and care. If you think you know a topic well, ask yourself the following: what if the patient is pregnant (they love this one), immunocompromised, very old, peds patient.
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