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Default Long time between YOG

This a problem a lot of our clients face. What if I graduated medical school more than 3 years ago? It's a challenge. No question. Auto-filters will eliminate most candidates even if their sporting a 250+ on Step 1, Step 2CK. It's easy to do so with a simple click.

How do we overcome it?

A few tips.

1) Do observerships in programs where they have a history of taking IMGs. This allows you to demonstrate clinical skills in an environment that may welcome your application.

If this is not possible, I am surprised by the low number of clients that reach out to their supervisors and simply ask via email:
"Hi Dr. XYZ, I really enjoyed working with you in September. It truly was formative. I am applying in Internal Medicine this year, and I'm wondering if you could send a short note on my behalf to any contacts at <insert program>, <insert program>, and <insert program>."

2) I recommend 100% that in the personal statement that candidates address the time between graduation. It's important to be specific and clear. The main worry from a program director is that someone who graduated a long time ago is clinically rusty. In the essay, candidates have to explain why this is not the case. With clinical observerships, and continued reading of the medical literature, the candidate has stayed up to date.

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