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I did all Kaplan videos + notes except for Patho (I did Goljan audios + notes instead) and here's what I can say from retrospect:

Biochem. Dr. Turco is the bomb! He explains all those metabolic pathways so seamlessly + some aspects of molecular biology. Seriously makes those nosebleed subjects a lot easier. Emphasizes a lot on those co-factors which you'll find are repeatedly asked in UWorld. Dr. Seastone and Dr. Reichenbecher were good add-ons for Molecular Bio and Genetics. Still very valuable for someone who found these subjects crippling back in med school.
Gross Ana + Embryo. Dr. Seiden lives up to that "old and wise" stereotype of professors. He's Goljan minus the jokes. Simplifies the complicated. Embryo parts are very good and be careful not to skip them as he intersperses them throughout the adult organ systems.
Biostatistics, Epidemiology, Beh.Sci. Very, very informative and amusing at the same time, c/o Dr. Daugherty.

Pharmacology and Physiology. For the latter, I'm talking only about Dr. Raymon and Dr. Kudrath.

Physiology by Dr. Fischer. Too much talk.

Histology by (I don't know his name! He's the one who just reads his slides word per word!)
Microbiology and Immunology. Dr. Moscatello does more blabbering than what one may write for side notes. Also, I do not like the stuff toys hahaha. Not much to blame though, since Microbiology is, well, a memorization subject. As for Immunology, it may sound very arrogant to say so for a difficult and increasingly important subject, but really did not pick up much from the videos. Take time to watch these vids only if one is desperate, maybe, like me.

Hope that helps!
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