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Originally Posted by crackmle View Post
first of all thanks for starting this thread. i began my prep a months back, i finished my first read of micro and will be done with physio in a few days. i am plannin to finish path and anat in july, pharm, biochem n beh science in aug, and then start doing qbanks(uw,kpln,usmlerx) and take up the exam in dec.
am i doing this right? i read only 3 to 4 hours a day and 6 days a week. i will be increasing the number of hours soon. how many hours do u guys read? am i treading on the right path?
if you are planning on reading it just once, then you must have great memory. I am already done with biochem and genetics and don't remember a thing, planning on reading it second time soon. Overall you should read at lest 2-3 times and learn by hard FA. Honestly, if you are reading only 4 hrs a day, you will not be able to finish pharm, biochem and beh in 1 month. It took me 1 month to read and watch video for biochem only! Plus, how will you manage to finish 3 Qbanks in 3 months? You should reconsider your strategy or do only 1 Qbank.
BTW I also read 4 hrs per day Mon-Thur and trying to study at least 8 hrs on Fri-Sat. People, who passed the step suggested to study at least 30 hrs per week.
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