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Originally Posted by drssbaz View Post
For some unknown reason this forum was not accessible in my country !

So this is what I did:
Finished 82% of UW & 77% of KBank and then stopped 3 days back because my scores started to slip down.
Took NBME 1 offline yesterday. Got 162/200 (it's too old form & simple) = 223. 2 points below 2 weeks ago. I thought I had 158 but then I got this modified Answer Key & it came to 163/200 (225) for my previous offline NBME 5 offline.
Finished 2nd Read of Pharm and doing worse on Pharm questions than ever before .
Started reading Path & done till Liver Pathology from KLN. After doing UW, I realize how deficient the book is but FA & notes from UW cover for it.

What next:
Finish reading Path by 07/07. There is no point spending more time on it.
Take NBME 3 offline on 08/07.
Start Physio on 09/07.
Suspended UW till I finish the read of Physio.

Still need to review the awful blocks of UW & KBank where I got 54% but I'm done for the day!
So you are improving. Keep going.

what do u mean the FORM 1 was really simple? Was it easy or the questions were short??

Btw do u have form 11/ If you do, please please pm me
I've become so numb
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