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Originally Posted by Cautie Pie View Post
Honestly, Ive always thought this through. And Im never giving up. Thats just me though. I will work my butt off for Step 2 and 3. And then see what happens after wards. Regardless of whatever happens, I am going to graduate and get the degree. Residency is something to worry about when it comes later.

I think you need to set your mind on one decision and stick to it. You didnt do so well on step 1, so what. Its life. Don't need to end everything, and act like its the end of the world. Pick yourself back up, and tell yourself you are going to make it no matter what. Make this bad experience into a lesson learned. And work on things that you need to work on. Rock step 2 and step 3. Show yourself and everyone how you can come back hardcore.

I personally don't think you should give up. But if you are going to have this kind of mindset and always wanting to give up and quit when something goes wrong, then maybe you need to really think about this. Because step 1, is just the first step. There are many many more hurdles to come.

I think that you should just understand that this is the score you got, and now you need to think forward. Be strong and understand that this is life. Things like this will happen. Just be positive and move forward!!! = ) You will get somewhere!!
Well i kinda blew my step 1 aswell. But. Hey i passed the most difficult med exam (or at least one of the most ) in the world. I'm still slapping my face every morning in the mirror for letting this underachievement to happen. But i gotta pick myself up and hope for the best for 2ck. Common knowledge is, theres no way to predict our chances using step 1 only. This is a motivation especially for me. And for you OP
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