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Default My Rundown

Since this website (and this thread!) have helped me immensely during my step 2 preparation, here's my rundown:

Step 1: 261 (people seem to ask that question often, so I threw my score in here)
UWorld QBank: 86% correct overall (when I started out, it was around 75-77%)
UWSA: 263 (3 days before the exam)

Actual Step 2 CK Score: 273

Books used:
Kaplan lecture notes + lecture videos: like many have mentioned before, these books were not nearly as important as they were for step 1, but I still found them useful (especially Conrad Fischer's videos). If you are short on time, the 2 books I found THE most useful were Surgery and OBGYN (the lecturer for OBGYN was great; I didn't bother watching the videos for Surgery, because from what I surmised Pestana just reads from the book (the book itself, MCQ's included, is fantastic).)

MTB Step 2 CK: to be honest, this was probably the worst book I had used -_- I read through it once and didn't look back at it again. I'd use this if you're out of touch with medicine and need a book that offers a non-in depth review of each major subject.

First Aid for the Step 2 CK: this book definitely pales in comparison to the FA for Step 1, but it's so, so, so much better than the MTB. I found myself using this book fairly often, and its infectious disease chapter, compared to my other sources, was excellent.

UWorld Biostats: if you have the money, I'd say this was worth it. I BOMBED biostats for step 1, so I decided to work on it for step 2- it offers a great explanation of the subject (if you didn't use it for step 2, consider it for step 3, as it doesn't take too much time to go through.)

The BEST resource of all though (and I know it's been said before over and over, but there's a reason for that) is the UWorld Q Bank. Like many who have scored well, I found that thoroughly reading through the explanations (and for me, taking copious notes/clicking on every chart) helped me develop better clinical reasoning. Unlike Step 1, which I felt like was a test of your cramming skills, CK relies far more heavily on how narrow down a differential diagnosis- and I feel that U World helps the most with this. I only went through the questions once, I didn't have time for a 2nd read through.

As for the UWSA- the score actually underpredicted for me (which is odd), but I found the questions VERY useful- there's no doubt reading through those explanations helped me on the actual exam (the questions differ from the QBank, and the explanations are just as thorough.) And from what I could see, the questions are updated often (when I looked at the dates of update, they were just 1-2 weeks before my 'test date,' so to speak).
I opted not to take any of the NBME's (which I did for step 1), as from what I read in the forum, UWSA is a decent predictor.

For those who are wondering, I felt like the UWSA and the QBank questions were very much like the real thing (maybe only a few of the prompts were longer), so if you're doing well on time in UWorld, you should be OK with the exam (I had a few minutes at the end of each block to double check my marked questions.)

And finally, as for the questions on my exam- in all honesty, I found them well rounded (as in each subject was covered, and I didn't feel like the questions favored one subject over another)- I remember some people saying their test was full of biostats, but I didn't feel mine was the case at all (perhaps I lucked out!).

I hope this helped, just like you've all helped me. :-) Step 2 is easier than step 1 but it's still definitely hard- at the same time it's doable- always stay confident in what you've learned. Best of luck to everyone here.
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