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IMG passed in LA..
Hi everyone, I had my result one week ago and thanks god I passed.
I prepared for like a month, passed through first aid 4-5 times ( including mini cases), watched the CSEvedios, practiced online with 2 guys who I met here and practiced live like half of the FA cases. I had no problem with notes typing.
I was the only IMG in LA, in the first case I was nervous and it was a tuff case, I ran out of time and couldn't do the closure. 2nd and 3rd cases were difficult also but I tried to be quick and finished just on time. after that I was kindda relieved and started to concentrate better.
I had like 2 incomplete notes (one of them I had only 2 DD) but did most of the counseling and PE well.
Honestly, I was nervous most of the time after the exam till I got my result I got higher performance in SEP and ICE, and just above borderline in CIS

Good luck guys..
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