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congrats on the score!! i had a few exam is exactly next thursday. i'm aiming to be done with my third read of fa on saturday. i still have about 250 questions or so left of my first pass of uworld. how do u suggest i spend the last few days after i complete fa? should i try and cram another round of fa in the last 3-4 days along with finishing questions? is it even possible to read fa in 3-4 days (im super slow at reading)...also, what did you use to learn the cts/mris for the exam? did u read goljans 36page high yield notes as well?

i had originally intended on taking a final nbme but with the exam so close, im actually a bit scared of what i'll score and just freak myself out. my average for uworld qbank so far is 61% with my scores being between 63-77% these past three weeks. i took a nbme 11 a week ago and scored a 490 (219)...what should i do after i complete this round of fa. any advice would be appreciated. thanks!
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