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Originally Posted by Doctor Queen View Post
Thanks Dr. N Elham to boost me plz tell me hw to speed up my reads.Am taking too much time for dat...............

Don't follow to a "T" what other people tell you. Everyone works at their own pace, some people are slower readers than others. You're not reading a book just to get 3 reads out of it, you want to read the book to get information out of it. If that takes 1 reading or 5 readings, the point is- are u really ready for the exam after this read? or are u just trying to do what others suggested, because most times that doesn't work for the individual.

People will disagree with this next statement, but I'll go to deaths door believing this. This is the problem with setting a date to take your exam way in advance. You fall behind and now are getting frustrated, which makes things way more stressful and thus don't learn as much as you could be.

To speed up your reading, you will have to cut some stuff out. Go into your FA and use that as a guide. Most everything in first aid is high yield. Somethings in your reading are low yield and thus you should be using first aid as a guide to pick and choose what you should be reading and what you should be leaving.
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