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Originally Posted by tootsie View Post
So none of you plan on doing kaplan qbank?

I have a good grasp of concepts, but to feel more confident I wanted to do what other people advice which is doing tons of questions. I wanted to even do RX but now I don't think i'll have time.

I'd like to take the test in late Dec. Do I need to schedule a date as of now. I don't want to schedule and then have something come in the way (which is very common when you have a large family) and I cannot deal with anxiety and I get anxiety knowing that I have scheduled and there is no way out.

How imperative is it to schedule so soon? Will I find a date for when I want it at the scheduling center?

In terms of what I've done, it's really hard to say, because I don't just read something and move on to the next, I really try to understand it (not memorize it) but understand it well enough to be able to grab it even next year and still be very familiar with a topic. I'll finish patho, pharm, anatomy and Behavioral for 1st time, then onto the revision of them with qbank. Thereafter, I'll start UW, but really wanted to do RX since many say it's a good question bank.

I'm shooting for 250+, so I was really interested in having it done that way, but if it can't be done, then i'll just concentrate on UW.
If I were you, I would take a date now, albeit tentative and then change it to later according to my prep.
They say more dates become available near the time you wanna schedule your exam, because many other like us tend to postpone the exam to a later date..
Hope it helps. All the best!
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