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Originally Posted by saiwaityou2000 View Post
In my case UW was not enough. FA and FA Q &A helped a lot.

Here is the detail.
I started CK study with UW and took first NBME after I finished UW twice and found the score was much lower than I expected (6 weeks out, 228).
So I again solved incorrect questions in UW, and then took next NBME but the score was almost the same (4 weeks out, 230).
I was so shocked! I analyzed the questions I missed and found that I sometimes even did not know simple questions, which led me to FA Q & A.
FA Q & A is relatively easy, but still there were a lot of questions I couldn't answer correctly.
I went through FA Q & A and FA in around 10 days and took UWSA, finally I scored 262.

In my opinion, UW is very good and deals with difficult questions but does not have basic parts which people should know before they start UW. I graduated from my medical school long time ago and have been working on my specialty so I have forgotten a lot of basic knowledge. I think if I had started the study with FA Q & A then gone to UW, I could have save the time.

My suggestion is taking NBME in the early point and analyze what type of questions you missed and figure out how you can improve. If you find yourself having weakness in easy and basic parts (like me), I suggest to finish easy qbank first and make sure that you understand almost all of them.

Hope it helps. Good luck.
Thank You..I hope it does...I have done UW twice yet i started doing FA and i find it extremely helpful..I wish I had started it earlier...I hope it gives me the bump of 20 points it gave u in 10 days...i m not doing FA Q & A though
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