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Default Bad NBME 17 score - exam in 5 months :(

So I took NBME 17 yesterday and scored 250 which translated to 175 USMLE.
My first NBME was Form 16 in December in which I scored 190 which translated 163 USMLE.

I havent had my dedicated study time yet. I'm not from the States so between December till now, I have placements. I usually study using DIT after placements everyday but haven't covered micro, bio, pharm and immunology in deep details. I do UW on the weekends.

Before I took NBME 17 I was aiming for a passing score yet I still failed.
It showed that I didn't have a great improvement the past three months.
Wondering if I should still take my actual Step 1 in September.
(My ideal aim is 250 USMLE)

My plan from now is to study for my final exam and OSCEs which will finish in May. Then I'll have a 3 month summer hol which I plan to study my butt out. But I'm still doubting myself of achieving 240 - 250 USMLE score in the actual exam after failing this NBME

Should I postpone my exam?
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