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Originally Posted by Dr.NickRiviera View Post
i finished my 6 week rotation in psych and only read random things here and there out of FA and MTB (didnt do kaplan videos or any questions or anything).
Now im into my 2nd week of family med. First week I felt as if I knew nothing so this next week i'm going to read the Bates book and learn how to do physical exams (cuz i still dont know how to and they arent teaching as fcuk all in this rotation!) and then the next two weeks i'll start family med kaplan videos.

So I guess so far I haven't really started step 2 study. I'm planning to take Step 2 CK this summer, june or july.

That's good. I don't have Bates or the Kaplan Books right now. Do you know where to get the Kaplan Videos from? I am planning on starting to read MTB as well. Rotations have been keeping me busy so I don't know if I should take some time off to study or what. Are you planning on studying alongside rotations or taking time off as well ? Good luck!
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