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Default Yale-G First Aid: Crush USMLE Step 2CK & Step 3 is the new "bible" for the clinical USMLE Steps!

Guys I have absolutely no idea how to vote for this poll. I am new here.. Sorry! I just wanted to share my "discovery" because it took me about a year to find the perfect book for my Step 2 CK and Step 3! I was sooooo disappointed by all books... some books were over-simplified, some books were lacking basic information, some books were to hard to digest, some books included wrong out-dated knowledge.. This is just impossible for the clinical steps of the USMLE so I just have to go with the book "Yale-G First Aid: Crush USMLE Step 2CK & Step 3 (I was unable to post the link but you will easily find it using this title on amazon). I am just sooooo happy I found this amazing book! There is nothing compared to that book! All the info is high yield, the information is frequently updated, the author is so receptive to all feedback he receives and each version of the book just gets even better... This book plus UWorld qbank plus a spatial repetition platform such as Memorang would help you ace the exams!!! Look no further! This book is a must!!! Good luck!!!

P.S. Please add this wonderful book to the list.. there is the old version but this one is sooo much better. It is a pity for people not to be aware of this book's existence!
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