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Originally Posted by mahmud View Post
hi DRFP yeah u r right , he is struggling with step 1. Could u please clarify your advice? thanks a lot.
How I finally beat step one was to
1. revise from the beginning ( time is not against you, just take the time)
2. Realize that on practice you have to be right, 70% correct on practice, many say "Well I had 65% correct on practice and I have a 99" that is crap and I'm tired of seeing that, 65% correct on the real thing is a 75 to get 99 you must be 80% or better on the real thing. Do this in practice and you will be fine.
3. Pay for the Darn on line Q banks. So many want to see downloaded Q's, but this does not stress you enough for practice, how does it save money to fail?
4. Review material, nothing older then Kaplan 2007 videos and then 2009 notes. and Use these: Kaplan, FA, Passing Basic science. Sorry guys but the goljan audio is too old to help. Limit it down to this.

5. Read yes but doing as many questions as possible is the key along with reading

Questions = exercise
Reading = Passive

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