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Originally Posted by Lhoyt001 View Post
"C7 vertebrae (C7 - C8 disk herniation compresses C8 nerve)
C8 nerve"----- from your message.

There actually is NO C7-C8 disc herniation, because there is no C8 vertebrae. So it would actually be a C7-T1 herniation. Correct me if I am wrong, but-this being the case- I feel this would be one exception to the rule. IF USMLE asks which nerve at a C7-T1 herniation is affected, the T1 (the bigger number) would NOT be correct. I believe that C8 would be the answer. This fits the same answer as what you posted, however, the vignette would have read "C7-T1 herniation" so using the rule of thumb of choosing the higher number (T1>C8) would be inappropriate in this one instance. Would you agree?

If I am correct, I believe your post is perfect minus that one "exception" I mentioned
very well done
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