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Originally Posted by preet_doc4 View Post

I just have a (possibly naive) question.

From the above, I fully understand and am convinced that the "USMLE transcript" will have absolutely no mention if the exam is not taken at all.

What I want to ask is: I assume it is the ECFMG that sends the USMLE transcript to the medical schools to which we apply? Is that correct ? Is the transcript the *ONLY* document which ECFMG sends to the medical school? Is there any (remote) possibility that ECFMG also sends some other documents to the school ? (e.g., information regarding how many times the applicant registered for the exam ?)
If you don't go to the Prometric center, it's not considered an attempt, it's not even considered incomplete attempt.
If you go the Prometric center and leave in the middle of exam, it will be recorded as incomplete attempt.
For official information on what the USMLE Transcript includes (this is what they send to med schools) have a look here