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Kidney Causes of Rapidly Progressive Glomerulonephritis

Hi there - I thought I'd share this in case this helps someone - Rapidly progressing glomerulonephritis comes in 3 types:

Type 1 involves anti glomerulo basement membrane antibodies and includes Goodpastures

Type 2 involves immune complex deposition and so a lumpy bumpy pattern and can be sequelae for Post strep glomerulonephritis / SLE / IgA nephropathy and Henoch Schloein Purpura

Type 3 is Pauci Immune and involves a lack of immune complexes (Ig) or C3 in the renal biopsy and can be accompanied by URI symptoms.

My question is if you have renal symptoms and hematuria how are you supposed to distinguish between Pauci immune and Goodpastures if they don't give you a biopsy? Do we need to know the treatment or labs that distinguish between these types?
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