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Arrow Billy Step 1 Questions # 62

A 12-year-old girl has complained of sudden onset of severe pain in her left knee that has awakened her from sleep on
several occasions during the past 6 weeks. For each episode, her mother has given her acetylsalicylic acid (aspirin), and
the pain has been relieved. On physical examination, there are no remarkable findings. A radiograph of the left knee
shows a well-defined, 1-cm lucent area surrounded by a thin rim of bony sclerosis located in the proximal tibial cortex. The
patient undergoes curettage of the lesion, and the pain does not recur. What is the most likely diagnosis of this lesion?

□ (A) Enchondroma
□ (B) Ewing sarcoma
□ (C) Fibrous dysplasia
□ (D) Giant-cell tumor
□ (E) Osteoblastoma
□ (F) Osteochondroma
□ (G) Osteoid osteoma
□ (H) Osteosarcoma
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